Why should you promote Klaver Casino?

There are numerous reasons to promote Klaver Casino. Basically the one and only reason to promote Klaver Casino comes down to one point: we are doing everything to get as much out of your players as possible by giving them the best experience of all the online casinos they might have played!

Brilliant live casino

Roulette players love Klaver Casino for one simple reason, they are betting in real casinos in Malta instead of placing their bets in a studio. Seeing other players placing real money bets and getting some of the action of a real casino in HD gives a lot of trust. This will reflect in your numbers as an affiliate.

VIP manager who does everything!

Hungry and feeling like a pizza? We order home delivery while you play! Prefer Chinese? We order Chinese for you! Whatever the VIP player likes, we do it for them. Mostly bonuses are good to satisfy players, for this we have Klaver points (same as frequent player points) that can be exchanged for bonuses. Loyal players will receive a bit extra, depending on their needs.

Support is fast as lightning…

Some players never make use of our support and other players do so on a daily base. We are trying to provide every single player with the best support possible. Small or big player? It doesn’t matter. We want them to remember Klaver Casino as the online casino where they are always helped in a polite, sufficient way. Due to small lines in our organisation we are able to check everything in a matter of minutes. No redirection to other departments anymore and no long waiting times when supplying bonuses.

Net Entertainment games, guaranteed success!

Like many other casinos we are offering the games of Net Entertainment. Even when it’s not unique anymore, players know the games and will come back for them! With our CRM department we do everything to keep them playing, not just for one time to grab the welcome bonus.

Player lost? We are on it!

Player clicks on the FAQ page, waits a moment and clicks on the support page, after that the player starts up the FAQ page again. If we are not busy calling the Klaver players we try to keep an eye out for players we can help! We pop-up the chat and directly ask them if we can help them with anything. That’s pro-active support as it should be.

The above points are a quick illustration how promoting Klaver Casino can be beneficial for both affiliates and us.