Why Klaveraffiliates?

Here below 5 reasons to make use of the Klaveraffiliate program!

Working forward? We got it!

It’s always good to know what promotion will be online over a couple of weeks. You can instruct text writers or work forward by yourself. Once per month we send the full promotion calendar for the upcoming month by E-mail. We don’t just share the promotion name. Details like the amount of free spins or bonus amounts are included. Even the way we market this to our players.

Quick payments

We do not hold your hard earned cash for over a month. As soon as you reach 100 EUR in rewards we will pay you out within 15 days in the upcoming month. For example: In case you make 110 EUR in June you will receive the money before the 15th of July on your bank account. Any fees? No, we will take them on us as long as you provide us with the correct payment details.

No Negative carry over

Nothing is as demotivating as starting the new month with a minus figure. For that reason we reset the balances at the start of every new month to zero.


Most affiliates know Netrefer as a provider of gaming statistics as quite a lot of gaming companies make use of their services. In this way there is no need to learn everything about a new affiliate system. Once a day all player data is uploaded to the affiliate system at about 5PM. Any questions about the data? We will be more than happy to show you around!

Affiliate promotions

Klaver affiliates will benefit from extra promotions on a regular base. If you do that bit extra for us we will go that bit extra for you!