New live roulette games added

Klaver Casino went live with a wide range of new live roulette games from the supplier Portomaso Gaming (PG) to get more out of your (live) casino traffic! Please find below a summary of the new live roulette games added.

Live auto roulette from Amatic

Auto Roulette is a form of roulette without a croupier that spins the ball into the roulette cylinder, everything happens, as the name suggests, fully automated. This table is a real table placed in the Portomaso Casino in Malta offering online players multiple advantages:

  • No waiting time for real players placing their bets / being paid out
  • No croupiers involved, so an easy game without the talks you would have in a studio roulette game

Players will have enough time to place their bets, a full spin from start to end takes about 1 minute what makes it a total of 60 spins per hour. This is faster than the average roulette spins at the real Portomaso Casino tables.

See below for an example of our auto-spin roulette:


Live studio roulette

Live studio roulette is a good adding to the other roulette games offered at Klaver Casino. At this moment we offer live studio roulette with full HD cameras. The player has two points of view for the cameras, one on top of the roulette cylinder to have a perfect view of the spin and one showing the croupier behind the cylinder. Whichever point the player choses, they will see the other point of view in a smaller screen as well. With the Live Chat option players can chat with other players and/or the croupier. Studio roulette offers the following advantages:

  • Communication possible with other players and the croupier(s)
  • Spins follow up very quickly (even faster than the auto-roulette

See below for an example of our live studio roulette table:


Fast spin roulette

This is live roulette offered in a real casino aiming to spin faster than on the other live tables. Players can focus with the camera on the roulette wheel or decide to have the full table overview. The more players playing at the real table the less fast the spins will go. Overall we can see an improvement of online bets whenever the table is busy. An example of the betting screen can be find below:


Table Limits

We have the following limits on all live roulette tables (except the Oracle Casino roulette):

  • 0.50 EUR – 20.00 EUR
  • 1.00 EUR – 25.00 EUR
  • 5.00 EUR – 50.00 EUR

The Max spread bet is 2000 EUR at the highest limit chosen.

We hope this update will give you (and us) more value from your live traffic!