Terms and Conditions

By accepting our terms and conditions you agree with the terms below. Please do not hesitate to contact your affiliate manager in case you wish to receive more information about the terms and conditions.

Klaver Casino.com (Glimmer LTD) and ………., hereinafter referred to as the Klaveraffiliate and / or the affiliate, hereby agree to the following; this affiliate agreement contains the full terms and conditions between Klaver Casino (Glimmer LTD) and the Klaveraffiliate.


  • Affiliate / Klaveraffiliate: an individual and/or company who is aware of, and agrees to, the applicable terms and conditions, and has registered himself at the Klaver affiliate program with the aim to promote the products that are offered in the affiliate program.
  • Affiliate website: a website on which links, trackers, banners and/or other promotional material is placed to promote Klaver Casino.
  • Affiliate link: the URL that is used by the Klaveraffiliate on the affiliate website(s) with the goal to send traffic to Klavercasino.com. The can be accomplished through text links, trackers, banners and/or other graphic imagery.
  • Players: visitors who make use of the games offered at Klavercasino.com

Participation Klaver affiliate program

  • In order to become a Klaveraffiliate you must register as partner at http://www.klaveraffiliates.com and fill in the corresponding application form truthfully.
  • By filling in the application form you are required to be aware of, and agree to, all of the stated terms and conditions.
  • Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) reserves the right to reject your application without providing a reason when it finds that the site(s) you specified are harmful, threatening, slanderous, obscene, racially offensive, or contain other objectionable content in any way, and/or is deemed unsuitable to promote Klaver Casino. Furthermore, Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) is authorized to reject applications if there is any suspicion that your website(s) is designed to appeal to minors.
  • Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) is strongly involved in protecting it’s end-users, hereinafter referred to as players, of all types of malicious, harmful and/or intrusive software and executes a zero-tolerance policy in this regard. Therefore, Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) will reject and/or terminate the contract if it’s suspected that a Klaveraffiliate has designed his/her website(s) in order to distribute any form of spyware, adware, viruses, Trojans, wordmen, keyloggers, spybots and/or other forms of malware. When detecting misuse and/or fraud any earnings shall not be paid out and Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) will take legal action if necessary.
  • In order to take part in the sub-affiliate program of Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) the Klaveraffiliate has to send an email to info@klaveraffiliates.com

Protection of minors

  • In agreement with the applicable legislation, persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to register or play at Klaver Casino. Klaver Casino is not designed to attract children and/or adolescents and takes certain measures to block minors from registering at Klaver Casino. We shall therefore deny your application if we have any reason to suspect that you have one or multiple affiliate sites that are designed to appeal to minors.

Links and Promotions

  • In case your application is accepted, we will provide you with banner ads, button links, text links and other links, as determined by Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd). When using the provided promotional material, the Klaveraffiliate agrees to provide it’s full co-operation during the term of this agreement. In the event that we determine that your use of any link, banner and / or any other form of promotional material does not comply with the terms of this agreement, we are entitled to take the necessary measures to disable the links.
  • As a Klaveraffiliate one has access to the affiliate system that is linked to the account of the Klaveraffiliate. Through this you will have access to review the generated traffic and corresponding revenue which have been accumulated by the Klaveraffiliate through the affiliate website(s). Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) supplies the affiliate with well-functioning promotional material such as banners, links, trackers and/or other promotional tools that can be used on the affiliates website(s).
  • The affiliate is not allowed to make agreements on behalf of, or act as, Klaver Casino with third parties nor shall advertise in a manner that may damage the reputation of Klaver Casino or conflicts with the law and/or this agreement.

Rights and Obligations of Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd)

  • When Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) finds out a player and/or affiliate has committed fraud, cheated and/or misused the services offered by Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd), then Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) is authorized at all times to close the account of the offending player and / or affiliate.
  • All information regarding revenue, player information and traffic data are property of Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) at all times.
  • Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) is entitled to reject requests of affiliates regarding the granting of the sub-affiliate compensation plan at all times.
  • Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) makes every effort to ensure optimal availability of it’s services but emphasizes that no guarantee can be given for full availability and correct operation.

Rights and Obligations of the affiliate

  • It’s the responsibility of the affiliate to place correct information on his/her website(s) regarding the Klaver Casino brand. This includes, but is not limited to, keeping information up-to-date regarding the latest changes in relation to promotions, terms and conditions and/or other updates.
  • The affiliate is responsible to create the unique tracking code, that will be used to link to his/her website(s), in the Klaver affiliate program. If the affiliate misses out on revenue as a result of incorrect creation of the unique tracking code, Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) cannot be held responsible for this.
  • In the situation that statistics cannot be viewed in the Klaver affiliate program as a result of malfunctions with the system or operational updates, the affiliate can at al times request an overview of their generated revenue. We strongly emphasize that no rights can be derived from any statistics provided at such times.
  • When the affiliate registered for the affiliate program of Klavercasino.com, he/she must enter a username and password. The affiliate has the responsibility to use and save this data carefully. If the affiliate suspects that this information might be stolen and/or exploited, the affiliate must immediately inform Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) so that it is capable to take measures to prevent abuse. Furthermore, the affiliate is responsible for any possible damage that is a result of the theft and / or abuse of login details.

Abuse and Fraud

  • When Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) detects that players have misused the services provided by Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) and / or committed fraud, then Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) is authorized at all times to close the relevant player account and withhold any made profits.
  • The affiliate should at all times be alert when bringing in new players and attempt to prevent any fraudulent activities. Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) is authorized to withhold any revenue resulting from fraudulent players. When an affiliate brings in a comparatively high number of fraudulent players, Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) has the right to close the affiliate account and withhold any profits accumulated by fraudulent players.
  • When Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) concludes that an affiliate for whom the sub-affiliate program has been granted only as a result of misusing the services offered by Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd), and / or harming the reputation of the brand or committing fraud, then they hold the right to close the sub-affiliate and / or the affiliate account of the relevant affiliate. In this situation Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) additionally reserves the right to withhold any profits generated by the sub-affiliate program.


  • It is not permitted to send spam mails with the intention to recruit new players and / or promote Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd. If an affiliate does not cease these type of activities after a first warning, then Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) has the right to close the relevant affiliate account and withhold any profits made.

Compensation and Payments

  • The compensation for affiliates is based on the percentage of the nett revenue generated by the player brought in by the affiliate.
  • The total compensation is based on the combination of the generated nett revenue and the rev share percentage that has been agreed upon in agreement between Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) and the affiliate.
  • If the revenue is below an amount of €100 this revenue will be carried over to the next calendar month and will be paid out when the revenue reaches the minimal amount of €100.
  • All compensations are provided of a detailed specification based on the monthly nett revenue of recruited players.
  • The affiliate is responsible for providing correct payment details.
  • If it’s not possible to process a payment as a result of incorrect payment details, this revenue will be carried over to the next calendar month where another pay-out will be attempted.
  • If a compensation is paid out to an incorrect account provided by the affiliate, then it’s the responsibility of the affiliate to contact the relevant institution in order to reverse the transaction.
  • Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) uses a so called No Negative Carry Over policy, meaning that a negative balance cannot be carried over to the next calendar month nor deducted from generated revenue in the following calendar month. All affiliates start each month will a balance of 0 euro.
  • When an affiliate brings in a player through a unique tracking code that he/she placed on his/her website, the affiliate will receive a lifetime revenue share on that player. If the account of the affiliate is closed due to breaching the terms and conditions, the affiliate will no longer be entitled to any revenue brought in by the player.
  • The affiliate is responsible for payments to the tax office.
  • The same percentages are used for live casino games and flash casino games. Both amounts are interconnected when calculating the final results.
  • When the affiliates starts to promote the services of Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) in much lesser numbers and / or if Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) notices an evident decrease in revenue then Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) has the right to at all times adjust the rev share percentage downward.
  • Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) offers Klaveraffiliates de possibility to introduce sub-affiliates. However, this is not a fixed part of the regular rewarding scheme of Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) and shall therefor not be awarded to each Klaveraffiliate.
  • In order to qualify for the sub-affiliate program the Klaveraffiliate must send an application email to info@klaveraffiliates.com.
  • The Klaveraffiliate that brings in the sub-affiliate, will receive a fixed percentage of the nett profit that the sub-affiliate earned in a calendar month.
  • A Klaveraffiliate can bring in up to three sub-affiliates, through which the Klaveraffiliate can earn a total of 5%, 2.5% and 1% of the nett profits earned by the sub-affiliate(s). Sub-affiliate Level 1 – 5%, Sub-affiliate Level 2 – 2.5%, Sub-affiliate Level 3 – 1%.
  • Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) holds the right to temporarily quarantine playing accounts if a large sum of money has been won. The quarantine period will stand at least until the balance of the relevant player has reached 0 again.

Term and Termination

  • This agreement is valid for an indefinite period of time and may be terminated by the Klaveraffiliate as well as Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd).
  • Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) is entitled to terminate the agreement should any of the services they offer be endangered and / or if the Klaveraffiliate has used spam emails to attract players.
  • When the collaboration between the Klaveraffiliate and Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) is ended, the affiliate is still entitled to receive the revenue that he/she has accumulated in the last full month.

Intellectual property rights

  • All intellectual property rights of the brand Klaver Casino fall under Glimmer Ltd and license holders. When an affiliate would like to use a domain name that is linked to Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) with the aim to promote the services that Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) offers, then he/she should first request permission in writing. Additionally, if Klaver Casino (Glimmer ltd) has authorized the use of the domain then it is not allowed to promote other competing parties on the domain in any way.

Terms amendments

  • Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at its sole discretion and without the approval of the affiliate. Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) will endeavour to notify Klaveraffiliates of any such changes at the earliest stage possible. The old version will automatically be replaced with the modified version. In case the Klaveraffiliate does not agree with the introduced amendments, then the affiliate is free to terminate the partnership by means of a written notification and / or email, stating the date that the termination becomes effective.


  • As a Klaveraffiliate it is likely that sensitive information may be shared with you as a result of participating in the affiliate program. This information must remain private and strictly confidential. Klaveraffiliates are not allowed to, directly or indirectly, use this information for its own business purposes and / or any other purposes except and only to the extent that such information is generally know, available to the public, or if it’s required by law or other legal processes.


  • This agreement and all hereto related matters are governed by and construed in accordance with Maltese law, and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malta. The Klaveraffiliate is not allowed to assign this agreement, by operation of law or otherwise, without prior written consent of Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd). Subject to this limitation, this agreement shall be binding for, insuring to, and enforceable against the parties and their respective successors and assigns.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  • The law of Malta is in force on this agreement between the Klaveraffiliate and Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) and all related and / or resulting disputes.
  • All possible disputes arising from, and / or associated with, this agreement will only and exclusively be presented to:
    1. The authorized judge in Malta in case the Klaveraffiliate wants to submit a dispute to the court; or
    2. The authorized judge in Malta or authorized judge in the country of residence of the Klaveraffiliate, at the sole choosing of Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd), if Klaver Casino (Glimmer Ltd) wants to submit a dispute to court.